Reverse Chord Finder Pro - Inverse Chord Dictionary for Professional Songwriters, Musicians, Composers and Music Students

“More than any other instrument app I have played with before, this one made me feel like I could actually learn how to play the instruments it features.” — appolicious review

Don’t know what a certain chord is called?
Ask Reverse Chord Finder Pro, the inverse chord dictionary!

Reverse Chord Finder Pro lets songwriters, composers, musicians and music students quickly match chord names to the notes they are playing.

This handy app will help you understand the language of music, whether you play piano, guitar, or use musical score notation. It is the ideal tool to help you find out the names of the chords that you are playing, study harmony, and discover cool new chords.

To use the app, simply select two or more notes and Reverse Chord Finder will show you the names of all the chords that match. That's how simple it is!

“This app is simply awesome! It will accelerate your discovery of new chords in leaps and bounds and raise your level of playing to new heights.” — A Happy Customer

Key Features

  • Enter notes in 3 different modes: Piano/Keyboard, String Instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, etc.), and Music Score
  • Extensive chord database — more than 100 chord types!
  • Hear chords played as block chords or arpeggios
  • Find partial chord matches to isolate passing melody notes
  • Use the Favorites list to bookmark chords you’ve identified
  • See the same chord represented on different instruments or in musical notation

“I can look up chords faster than with any other method. Worth much more than the current price.“

Special Features

  • Left-handed String Instrument support
  • String Instrument options for 3 to 12 strings, plus capo
  • Music Score mode supports treble and bass staff, and all 12 major and minor keys
  • View major scale degrees for selected notes to learn chord construction
  • Customize chord notation (CDEFGAB, CDEFGAH, Do-Re-Mi)

“With this app I can find out what the chords are ... No more embarrassment in front of the rest of the band!“

Musicians, Composers, and Music Students

  • Analyze and write down harmonies
  • Recognize and construct chords more easily
  • Improve your understanding of chord theory

“A songwriter’s best friend!“

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