Don't know what a certain chord is called?
Ask Reverse Chord Finder Pro, the App Store's favorite inverse chord dictionary!

Reverse Chord Finder Pro lets songwriters, composers, musicians and music students quickly match chord names to the notes they are playing. This handy app will help you understand the language of music, whether you play piano, guitar, or use musical score notation. It is the ideal tool to help you find out the names of the chords that you are playing, study harmony, and discover cool new chords.

“More than any other instrument app I have played with before, this one made me feel like I could actually learn how to play the instruments it features.” appolicious review


Praise from happy users:

  • “I tend to play by ear and stumble upon mysterious chords. This app makes it easy to find out what I'm actually doing. I really enjoy that there are multiple instruments you can use for the input as sometimes I'm on guitar, bass, or keys.”
  • “Fab app, has helped rehearsals no end!”
  • “Such a helpful tool for aspiring songwriters looking to tell others how their melodies go!”
  • “I have found this app very helpful for working out chord accompaniments when away from the piano.”
  • “It took my guitar study to the next level”
  • “If you are a singer/songwriter who has grown up mainly on tabs with little to no knowledge of sheet music, this app will help you write out your songs and have a reference to the chords you use if you save them to your favorites. Spend more time writing music than worrying you'll forget it!”
  • “I can look up chords faster than with any other method. Worth much more than the current price.”
  • “With this app I can find out what the chords are ... No more embarrassment in front of the rest of the band!”
  • “I found this to be very helpful for me so that I can better communicate with my musician friends who read and understand music.”
  • “Great value for money and really useful!”
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This tool is for:

  • Songwriters and composers who need to write down how their compositions are harmonized.
  • Music students who have to analyze the harmony of music or learn how to construct chords.
  • Musicians who play with others. Knowing how to recognize chords will make it easier to communicate with your fellow musicians.
  • Anyone who wishes to understand more about the naming and construction of chords.

Key features:

  • Three different ways to enter notes: Piano, String Instruments (such as guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo), and Music Score Notation
  • Hear the chords with different sounds, as block chord or arpeggio
  • You can choose a chord on the piano and see how it could be played on the guitar or what it looks like in sheet music notation
  • Extensive chord database
  • Also searches for chords that match only partially, which helps to isolate passing melody notes from the actual chord you're looking for
  • View the major scale degrees for selected notes to learn how the chord is constructed
  • Bookmark your chords in the Favorites list
  • Customize the way chords are notated
  • For iPhone and iPod touch, also works with iPad
  • Finally understand chords with Reverse Chord Finder Pro!
Reverse Chord Finder for Piano icon Reverse Chord Finder for Guitar icon Reverse Chord Finder Pro is the successor of Reverse Chord Finder for Piano and Reverse Chord Finder for Guitar. These apps are now available for free on the iTunes App Store. Give them a try!
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